Put Me Down Sticker

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Having to share your toilet or faucet with anyone? Don't you just hate it when somebody forgets to turn the water off or forgetting to cover the toilet as a courtesy for others? Prevent any further arguments just by placing this sticker strategically to remind them of what to be done. These stickers are waterproof and are sure to withstand time.


  1. Find an appropriate spot for the sign pointing the gesture finger to what's needed to "put down".
  2. Place transfer film to the PVC wall sticker
  3. Scrape the back firmly over and over.
  4. Cut the wall sticker as desired
  5. Place the sticker tightly against the surface of choice. Then scrape again.
  6. Peel-off film
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  • Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery to the rest of the world.